Working with a diverse populationincluding baby boomers, gen X, millennials, & gen Z, made it clear that most people’s eating patterns do not include adequate daily servings from all the food groups. They are thus lacking in their estimated nutritional needs, which translates into micronutrient deficiencies that can ultimately lead to a variety of ailments.

To establish sustainable healthy communities that promote consumers’ health by bridging the micronutrient dietary gap, VeggieVeg was conceived & born. VeggieVeg aspires to provide a solution for people who understand the value of eating healthy, believe in the power of plant-based foods for their holistic health needs, are curious about healthy eating but lack time & resources & may be overwhelmed by confusing market trends.

We produce all-natural, nutritionally dense, phytonutrient-based foods by utilizing appropriate formulation methodologies to provide lasting clean energy from within. VeggieVeg products are inspired by nature & carefully developed by a licensed registered dietitian & research scientist, who thoroughly evaluate the health benefits of the associated ingredients in each product.