Que. Why is Prebiotic Snacky Crunch good for me?
Ans: Prebiotic Snacky Crunch is our prebiotic offering. It will keep your "friendly" gut microbiome happy and therefore keep YOU happy. Its combination of sweet and salty flavors will keep you coming back for more!
Que. What are Probiotics and Prebiotics?
Ans: For more information, please click on this link from the Mayo Clinic.
Que. What are Prebiotics and what do they do?
Ans: For more information, please click on this link from the Cleveland Clinic.
Que. Are VeggieVeg bars plant-based?
Ans: Yes! VeggieVeg bars are made from plant-based ingredients, providing an innovative way for consumers to supplement their daily vegetable servings. Our plant-based VeggieVeg bar offerings include Cacao & Artichoke Fusion, Prune & Wheatgrass Fusion, and Cherry & Beet Fusion.

Que. Are VeggieVeg bars minimally processed?
Ans: Absolutely! VeggieVeg products are minimally processed to retain ingredient integrity and functionality. Our products are made from all-natural, plant-based ingredients.

Que. Do VeggieVeg bars contain genetically modified ingredients?
Ans: Absolutely NOT! Our company carefully selects ingredients that are completely GMO free.

Que. Do you have a shipping/return policy?
Ans: Once your order is placed, you will receive an email confirmation. Every product will be HANDCRAFTED after we receive your order. It typically takes 1–2 business days (3 for larger orders). Your freshly made products will then be shipped from our manufacturing site to your door.
Due to food safety issues, we don’t encourage returns or exchanges. However, if you believe that your product is damaged/faulty, our support team (support@veggievegfoods.com) will be happy to assist and help you resolve the issue.

Que. How can I contact VeggieVeg?
Ans: The VeggieVeg team is available and ready to respond to your queries Monday–Friday, 9am–5pm. Our team can be reached at support@veggievegfoods.com. We will do our best to get back to you within 24–48 business hours.

Que. How long do VeggieVeg bars stay fresh? What is the shelf life of VeggieVeg bars?
Ans: All VeggieVeg bars are HANDCRAFTED once you place your order. You will find the product’s “best by” date printed on the label. VeggieVeg bars have a shelf life of one month from the date of production.

Que. Are VeggieVeg bars available online?
Ans: VeggieVeg bars are currently sold online and in select locations. You can place your order using our online store at veggievegfoods.com. VeggieVeg products are also available locally in selected Western New York locations. Please stay tuned for announcements. Better yet, connect with our social media platforms to get the latest information!

Que. Are VeggieVeg bars preservative FREE?
Ans: Absolutely! We produce fresh, nutrient-dense, high-quality food products that are completely preservative free.

Que. Why does my VeggieVeg bar look different from the previous one?
Ans: Each and every variety of our bars is HANDCRAFTED with joy. The bar is measured by length and width by hand. Due to the demanding production process, some variability in measurements can be expected along with slight appearance dissimilarities. However, VeggieVeg’s wholesomeness and deliciousness are assured. We continually strive to maintain our high product manufacturing standards and quality for our customers.

Que. Do VeggieVeg bars contain refined sugar?
Ans: VeggieVeg bars are made from real food. The main sweetness in the bar comes from Mother Nature’s tested solutions, including dates and freshly harvested maple syrup from the sap of the maple tree. There are no artificial sweeteners added to the bar.

Que. What do VeggieVeg bars use as sweeteners?
Ans: The main sweetness in the bar comes from Mother Nature, including dates and freshly harvested maple syrup from the sap of the maple tree. There are no artificial sweeteners added to the bar.
Que. What does NUTRITION ON THE GO mean on VeggieVeg bars?
Ans: NUTRITION ON THE GO is listed on the label as a reminder that consuming VeggieVeg bars is a quick, easy, and innovative way to supplement your daily vegetable serving needs.

Que. Can I submit innovative ideas for future VeggieVeg products?
Ans: Of course! We would love to hear your feedback. Any innovative ideas are welcome and encouraged. We truly believe that no idea is too small, and each one has the potential to change the world. Please send us an email at support@veggievegfoods.com.

Que. Where are VeggieVeg bars made?
Ans: VeggieVeg bars are handcrafted in Buffalo, New York.

Que. Why should I stay connected with the VeggieVeg community?
Ans: Staying connected with the VeggieVeg community is the best way to ensure that you receive the latest educational content, product discounts, and new product launch information. We simply love to stay connected with our community. You never know when you might need a VeggieVeg bar to boost your day!